ena / uboa

hi!! im ena and i am a silly little cat on the internet!

>mainly go by ena/uboa/cat/knives
>18 (september 19th)
>lesbian orientated aroace
>autistic + mentally ill so please dont be mean if im a little slow or something
>it/that she/her xe/xyr/xem nya/nyas but some others too u can ask

hiya luckies! i dont mind doubles so dw if we share kins or anything


my main kins but i probably have 50 other smaller ones
>cats (real world cats lol)
>ena (ena)
>uboa (yume nikki)
>madotsuki (yume nikki)
>nepeta (homestuck)
>konata izumi (lucky star)
>chiaki nanami (danganronpa)
>amalgamates (undertale)
>lain (serial experiments lain)
>im a lot like joker from the movie joker /j
>fischl (genshin impact)
>no eyed girl (lemon demon)

before u follow just know that i am very vocal about certain things and lol yeah, i also may get attached easily so vry sorry about that


-music (special interest main hobby)
(check out my last fm for what i listen to)
-horror especially analog horror
-scp !!
-old internet aesthetics, dreamcore, weirdcore, and glitchcore
-alt subcultures in general
-painting and art the weirder and more abstract the better
-avant garde in genral